Distributed manufacturing: Hardware is the new startup

The digitization of manufacturing will unlock a new kind rapid-to-market products We have had two industrial revolutions so far. The first was in the late 18th century; while the second started in the early 20th century, when Henry Ford ushered in the age of mass production, and has lasted over a century until the present […]

3DRacers: the first 3D printed RC toy

Originally posted on Medium: 3DRacers: the first 3D printed RC toy 3DRacers: the first 3D printed RC toy 3DRacers is a 3D printed racing game, based on Arduino and smartphone enabled. Presented at the Rome Maker Faire 2014, 3DRacers are small, radio-controlled cars you can drive with your phone, or with a custom-built, and also […]

How to make your own Zend Framework Resource Plugin

A recent release of Zend Framework intruduced Zend_Application: an organized way to bootstrap the framework without the need of an ugly boostrap.php file. It comes with plugins support too, so let’s see how to create one. With Zend_Application you can not only setup all the components required (Zend_Table, Zend_View, Zend_Navigation, ecc) but you can also […]

Using Zend_Tool in Eclipse

Zend_Tool is a command line tool released with the latest version of Zend Framework. It will jump-start the development automating some tasks like the creation of an empty project or of a controller class. Other than from the command line, its possible to use Zend_Tool directly from Eclipse, lets see how. First, download the framework […]

Anamanaguchi 8bit band

For all the 8bit lovers, visit the web site of this new york based band: Anamanaguchi and listen to their latest hit: Dawn Metropolis Anamanaguchi is a four-piece group from New York City that combines guitars with the thick, electronic tones of a hacked Nintendo Entertainment System. With driving, dynamic and melodic tracks, they focus […]