Bruce Eckel on Flash

Here a great post of Bruce Eckel (author of “Thinking in…” books) on Java, Ajax and surprisingly: Flash.

So here’s my question. Allow for a moment the possibility that, after 10 years, Java is not going to take over the world of RIAs. Further allow that Ajax is just “how JavaScript was supposed to work in the first place,” but that the limitations imposed by browsers, HTML and CSS committees seem unlikely to let it expand beyond its current bounds. What are we going to use to build RIAs? […] The only obvious solution is Flash.

Simon Brocklehurst pointed out that there are more ugly Flash interfaces than good ones, although I think he is talking about the old do-all-by-yourself hackery of Flash 7-8 since there isn’t many Flex 2 web apps out there yet. I wonder if he saw Picnik.

Eckel highlight a really interesting point: to use Flash as a domain specific language. Do in Flash the interface for your Java/Python/C application. We are waiting for you, Apollo.