Insieme Project Manager

This project manager was realized by me and other 5 colleagues for an exam of my degree in information technology, it’s written in php and uses Mysql >=4.3. It is full of features, with a complete user/group management, messaging system and an easy template system.
It allow an user to create a project and to associate users or group with it, every user can upload file and make html pages with a wysiwyg editor (Xhina) for the documentation of the project. Files can be private and only user who has the right can comments and downloads such files. Users can have their own profile and send message to other users, groups, projects or broadcast.
We are very proud of it and we are planning some utilization of the code for some other projects.
Every class is documented with phpdoc in italian and I hope to release a translated version in the future.

Home page of Insieme Project Manager
Project page with Admin priviledges of Insieme Project Manager
Wysiwyg editor of Insieme Project Manager
Documents page of Insieme Project Manager
Html documentation view in Insieme Project Manager
Another template for Insieme Project Manager